woman faces sexual assault

woman faces sexual assault

A Grand Island woman faces sexual assault and incest charges, after being turned in by her own husband who apparently caught her in the act with her stepson.

The 27-year-old woman faced a Judge Art Wetzel on Friday morning.

The Hall County Attorney says the woman’s husband caught her in the act of the alleged crimes with her stepson and went to police.

The prosecutor said the woman and victim both admitted it to police as well.

She appeared in court by a video link from the jail. She sat a desk in the jail in a black and white jumpsuit, her hands in shackles. She leaned forward on the desk, and said she understood her rights and planned to hire a lawyer.

According to the charges, the sexual assault happened sometime between January and June. The incest was between June and August.

Judge Wetzel set bond at $50,000 and ordered her to have no communication with the boy, who court records say is between 12 and 16.




5600 issue of ethics government harassed female employees in two years

Administrative Prosecution: 5600 issue of ethics government harassed female employees in two years

Administrative Prosecution statistics revealed that the authority had made ​​during 2011 and 2012 in 5600 the issue of ethics and harassment within the ministries and government bodies, concentrated mostly within the education sector followed by the health sector and government hospitals, while localities is less sectors in terms of issues of sexual harassment.

As observed by the investigation, the harassment take various forms, sometimes have to speak or touch or appearing in a modesty, such as a teacher dislocated his clothes in front of students, it is among the issues made by the Administrative Prosecution do general manager in a school harassment verbal female employee school was signed penalty on Director by the administrative body, forfeit a month of his salary, according to confirmed source Procuratorate of Education.

Also among the facts made by the Administrative Prosecution and the allocation to the Public Prosecution do teacher Imbaba”A place in Egypt” filmed 18 students in situations breach and immoral, as I have already ruled Alexandria Criminal Court to punish teacher sentenced 3 years for having rape of a student “girl”,View student, and also previously ruled that the Disciplinary Court disconnect teacher to display electronic CDs containing pornographic scenes in front of school students in Suez.

Strangely in harassment cases in schools that the Supreme Administrative Court of the State Council appealed to the Ministry of Education – in judgment separate teacher from service in 1989 for having sexually assaulting a female student – separate schools shared, so that does not set teachers in girls’ schools are not set teachers in schools boys , is that based on the educational process did not take the time legal advice, so the phenomenon is even larger at the present time, what happened warned him to the Supreme Administrative Court became the education sector ranked first in crimes of sexual harassment without the rest of the government sectors.

Situation for the health sector is different, the nature of the issues relating to the establishment of doctors harassing ladies patients or nurses in their clinics or hospitals, if it is proved to the Administrative Prosecution accusation to allocate it to the disciplinary court along with notice of the Medical Association for appropriate action.

The chancellor said Islam Ihsan behalf administrative, he noted in recent years the spread of crimes Arts and sexual assault among workers governmental sector, pointing out that most of the crimes was located from teachers to students in hospitals and health units and the Administrative Prosecution stresses in these crimes to gravity and its negative effects on discipline career for civil servants state, so do not hesitate in providing employee accused to disciplinary trial and demanding signing maximum penalty upon a chapter of the job, and added that of the most famous cases in which it appeared a communication to the Administrative Prosecution’s about envoy of the Ministry of Education in England of committing a moral crime during his mission propagated returned to Egypt he was interrogated and referred to the Disciplinary Court, which decided month deducted from his salary but the administrative prosecution appealed the ruling before the Supreme Administrative Court and demanded tougher penalty of up to chapter, but has not been decided upon yet.

He called Ihsan tighten punishment so that chapter and mandatory and not discretionary power of the court to prevent any room for mercy بمرتكب such crimes, and include legislative amendment denying teacher who commit crimes harassment female students from working permanently, especially as the law of civil servants allowed to return public employee to work after 4 years of his class.

Although the facts of sexual harassment governmental sectors, which up to the Administrative Prosecution does not represent a large percentage compared to crimes financial and administrative corruption, the adviser Abdullah Kandil, deputy chief of the Administrative Prosecution asserts that there are many cases, but not reported by women harasser  their fear of scandal, and simply the administrative body to transfer the employee harassed, whether as a teacher or doctor to another because of the sensitivity of such crimes, in schools the administrative body has transferred to a school teacher for boys.

He attributed the Kandil increasing cases of harassment at the Ministry of Education to direct contact between teachers and students, though considered that such cases do not represent the phenomenon, it is an exception to the general rule that assumes the teacher that father does education by education, pointing out that most of these crimes committed during retired teacher female students in private lessons.

He stressed that the Administrative Prosecution do not compromise in signing the most punishment on the government employee and referred to the disciplinary trial, and there are many of the cases referred to the public prosecutor after verifying the existence of criminal suspicion.

Recommendations of the Administrative Prosecution in harassment cases female students do not graduate from being catalysts to the administrative body to curb the phenomenon, as they ask prosecutors tightly controls on schools and increase teachers’ salaries to prevent them from resorting to private lessons, and these recommendations – according to Kandil – public does not oblige the administrative body, stressing that separate schools for girls than boys is a very difficult issue and require large studies and financial costs the state can not afford them.


The number of incest cases is on the rise

The number of incest cases is on the rise 

The number of incest cases is on the rise as the phenomenon of genetic sexual attraction becomes more prevalent, a sex therapist says.

This week a 32-year-old man and his 18-year-old daughter were sentenced to community work and supervision by a Dunedin District Court judge on incest charges after they had a sexual relationship and had a child together.

It was revealed in court that the pair had a genetic sexual attraction, which sometimes happens between family members united after a long separation.

Director of Sex Therapy New Zealand, Robyn Salisbury, told Fairfax genetic sexual attraction was happening more and more between siblings or parents and their offspring.

“There are more people meeting up with previously unknown family members and being completely overwhelmed with how powerful that can be,” she said.

“For some people those powerful feelings and the kind of depth of connection that can happen are most readily experienced and expressed sexually.”

In the case of the father and daughter sentenced this week, the pair had little to do with each other until the girl turned 16.

The pair began a sexual relationship together over two years from August 2010 – living as husband and wife and having a child together.

The court was told that they both had a background of abuse and neglect.

The man was 13 when he and his 30-year-old foster mother started a sexual relationship and was 14 when the daughter was born.

Jewish views on incest (Part 2)

In the Bible

The Bible lists several types of relationship which it regards as incestuous unions; one list appears in Deuteronomy, and two lists occur in the Book of Leviticus. These lists only mention relationships with female relatives; excluding lesbianism, this implies that the list is addressed to men. Since the lists would then describe women with whom it is forbidden for a man to have a relationship, they also indirectly imply a list of men with whom it is forbidden for a woman to have a relationship. These lists then compare as follows (blue = forbidden for men only, pink = forbidden for women only, purple = forbidden for both men and women)

One of the most notable features of all the lists is that sexual activity between a man and his own daughter is not explicitly forbidden, although the first relation mentioned after the Levitical prohibition of sex with “near kin” is that of “thy father.” The Talmud argues that this absence is because the prohibition was obvious, especially given the proscription against a relationship with a granddaughter. As with the case of a man’s own daughter, the shortness of the list in Leviticus 20, and especially of that in Deuteronomy, are explained by classical Jewish scholarship as being due to the obviousness of the missing prohibitions.

Apart from the case of a man marrying his daughter, the list in Leviticus 18 roughly produces the same rules as were followed in early (pre-Islamic) Arabic culture. However, most tribal nations also disliked exogamous marriage – marriage to completely unrelated people.

Judaism’s view is that prior to the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai, some of the prohibitions only applied voluntarily. Thus in several prominent cases in the Torah, the incest rules are ignored in favour of marriage to a close relative; Jacob is described as having married his first wife’s sister.

Secular views

Some secular Biblical scholars have instead proposed that forbidding incest with a daughter was originally in the list, but was then accidentally left out from the copy on which modern versions of the text ultimately depend, due to a mistake by the scribe.

To Be Continue ………. 

Jewish views on incest

Jewish views on incest

Judaism’s views of incest are complicated. In general society, the exact list of sexual relationships that would constitute incest vary from person to person, and from state to state, but in Judaism this list is somewhat clearly defined by virtue of Judaism’s reliance on theHebrew Bible and its codes of prescribed behavior. Although Jewish marriage without sex is theoretically possible, the Biblically-derived incest rules of Judaism effectively set down the degrees of kinship that either allow or preclude marriage between a male and a female.



 committed the first sin

Matt Barber of the conservative Liberty Council went off on “homosexual activists” earlier this week, accusing pro-marriage equality folks of gradually leading America onto a road of polygamy and incest, hell-bent on “deconstructing the Judeo-Christian notion of marriage as marriage has always been.”

Let’s be generous to Mr. Barber and assume that whatever is in the Bible – as disagreeable and detestable as some of it may be (remember, the Bible supports slavery, as well as putting gays to death) – is right. According to Barber, homosexual fornicators are the bringers of polygamy and incest, while Matt’s righteous heterosexual living has been society’s saving grace. But reading from the Book of Genesis all the way through to the Book of Revelation, it’s not been gay people who have multiplied across generations via polygamy and incest – it’s been straight people.

Take Earth’s very first humans (according to the Bible). Bigots will tell you there was no such thing as “Adam and Steve.” And they are correct, because it was actually Adam and Eve’schildren who were forced by God to commit incest in order to populate the earth.  It was also Adam and Eve who are responsible for kicking mankind out of paradise (Eve taking that bite of the apple).  And it was Adam and Eve’s child Cain who committed the first murder.

This isn’t even mentioning the fact that Adam and Eve lived in sin, since it’s not entirely clear they were ever married.

Adam and Eve’s other kids include Seth, as well as “other sons and daughters” the Bible neglects to name (they probably got into lousy colleges or something). Even more interesting? Not one homosexual to be seen.

The Bible continues on with more accounts of heterosexual incest, including Lot and his daughters, Abraham’s marriage to his half-sister Sarah, and Isaac’s marriage to his cousin Rebekah. If traditional, Biblical marriage means having to marry one of my sisters, or that weird cousin with the One Direction obsession, count me out.

Matt also insists that gay marriage will lead to polygamy. Returning to the Bible (the one book that matters, remember?), it’s not gays who have monster-trucked society via polygamy, but rather heterosexuals. Countless Old Testament figures revered by Christians had multiple wives, including Abraham (a double-whammy, since he’s also the incest guy previously mentioned), King David, King Solomon, Moses, Gideon, and Saul.

Again, not one homo in the bunch.

Even more telling are Bible verses seemingly condoning heterosexual polygamy, like Deuteronomy 21:15 (“If a man has two wives, and he loves one but not the other…). Equally awkward is that conservatives frequently cite this very book when condemning homosexuality. But it’s not like bigots are known for cherry-picking the Bible or anything like that.

And finally, when it comes to the Gingrich Award for Most Wives, the honor goes to David’s son Solomon, who had 700 wives and 300 concubines to his credit. Again, none of those seemed to be gay marriages, but rather traditional, Biblical, heterosexual marriages. Sure, today’s conservatives claim that marriage is between one man and woman, but if we’re following the word of God as shown in the Bible, Newt deserves to get his bush burned for not having married all three of his wives at once.

Matt Barber want us to believe that gay marriage is to blame for society’s downfall, and will be ultimately responsible for destroying traditional marriage. Except that claim couldn’t be any more false. Some Bible study would show that it’s never been gays who have been responsible for these acts, but rather heterosexuals. Furthermore, when it comes to redefining traditional marriage, it’s heterosexuals who no longer follow the Biblical tradition of marrying 700 women at once.

Now excuse me while I go wash my eyes out with bleach.