Rape and incest case is put off for 81st time

Rape and incest case is put off for 81st time

HE sentencing of a man convicted of raping and fathering three children with his 13-year-old daughter was postponed for the 81st time in the Nelspruit Regional Court yesterday.

This time because the 54-year-old man’s lawyer, advocate D Chambale, was absent, prosecutor Elise du Plessis told the court.

At 9.24am, the accused’s wheelchair was pushed into courtroom two. He was wearing a grey sweater and a fawn gown.

The door leading to the passageway to the cells was locked and an officer left him sitting in his wheelchair next to the door, about 1.5-metres from where Du Plessis stood. A few moments later, he tried to get up from the wheelchair. He looked tired and sick.

But court officials, including Du Plessis, had seen “the act” before.

Since April 2 2008 when the father was convicted on nine counts of rape and alternative charges of incest, he has caused much drama every time he appeared in court for sentencing.

The accused was found guilty of raping his daughter from 1998 to February 2006 and fathering three children with her