Pope John XII have taken his niece and his mother as mistresses

In the 10th century, Pope John XII is said to have taken his niece and his mother as mistresses. Despite anthropologists insistence that the incest taboo is fundamental to human nature, clearly people have been at it forever. Freud famously argued that everyone’s first sexual desires are directed toward their family, while Melanie Klein considers sexual relations between siblings to be virtually the norm. The real taboo is in mentioning that perhaps it is not a taboo at all. Historian Lloyd DeMause argues that incest is universal. He cites examples throughout the world and refers to the old Indian proverb (“For a girl to be a virgin at ten years old, she must have neither brothers, nor cousins, nor fathers”) as an example of how common incest has been. His examples are endless and worldwide: tribes who have sex dormitories where older adolescents initiate younger siblings into sex; households where parents incorporate the children into their sexual activity in one happy family orgy; fathers marrying daughters when the mother dies, and sons marrying mothers when the father dies. While I can’t verify every one of DeMause’s claims and references, clearly it gets darker than sitting on granddad’s knee. The recent case of the German couple, Patrick and Susan, who were separated as children and later met and fell in love, has made headlines. They’ve been together for nine years and have four children, three of whom are in care. He has served time in prison fighting for his right to love his sister. While my gut reaction is this is monumentally fucked up, why is it illegal? The obvious answer is that it increases the chances of passing down bad genes. But by that logic, everyone with a genetic condition should be outlawed from having sex–which is rude. In fact, the impetus behind the 1908 Punishment of Incest Act was just that–the proponents of the act were the same people who advocated the “sterilisation” of the “feeble-minded”. Siblings generally don’t fancy each other due to something call the Westernak effect: Being reared together forms non-erotic bondsIncest_Mom



Carried out on behalf of the pyramid set and bring the 45 child victims of suspicious network to marry underage manages this lady and her sister network and the Palestinian partner.

Investigations revealed that intimate Khaled  Khodr President on behalf of the pyramid and Rahim Shimi director behalf pyramid supervision Mujahid Ali Mujahid Attorney General Prosecution South Giza about tragedies real victims network marriages was the most prominent tragedy-old girl 14 years Zojoha 12 times within one month from wealthy Arabs to pay each of them a dowry 30 thousand pounds, in addition to 50 thousand gang marriages and strange that the girl’s parents were involved in the crime.

Investigation has to make sure that marriage does not exceed 10 days and is holding a customary marriage has bands marrying minors more than once without waiting eliminate the waiting period or a commitment to provide its heavenly laws and religions.

Foremost of these tragedies then 17 years old girl married 4 times in one month, and a girl recently married 7 times in one month, and Her major tragedies called 14-year-old Sunrise and married 12 times in one month only
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Which Country has the highest incest rate?

High Incest Activity Countries

That is a hard question to answer. Several countries share the spot for having the highest incest rate. The problem is that this information is rarely tracked by third world countries. In developed nations, the case of sexual abuse, will always be naturally under reported. In the case of consensual incest, the topic is still taboo, but due to the nature of consent, we have a better picture.

Plausible Assumptions

  • Countries with the least amount civil liberties and individual rights for women and children will have the fewest checks in place to dissuade victimization by incestuous predators. In countries with regimes that women and children do not have a voice, are most likely to engage in non-consensual or cultural incest.
  • Under the premise that those under the average age of consent is 14 world-wide; Western counseling agencies reports that around 78% of women and children (males and females) coming from the most repressive country regimes such as UzbekistanAfghanistanTurkmenistan, and Chechnya have experienced on-going or initiative non-consensual incest.
  • Africa as a continent is an enigma. There are not lots of information regarding incest in Africa. The other problems there are so vast, that incest flys below the radar. It can be assumed, that the statistics would be similar to those of the Middle East. No major Incest Community groups consider any country in Africa a destination to practice and engage with others who practice consensual incest.
  • When you combine poverty with alcoholism, the pervasiveness of both consensual incest and violent based dramatically increases within any given society, culture, and country. In the United States, while incest is not statistically high, certain regions suffer from quadruple the rate of incest; such as many of those from the poverty-alcoholism stricken region of the Appalachian Mountains and the swamps or backwoods of the Deep South. It is so commonly known, that this has become part of American cultural fabric often referenced in literature, theater, movies, art, and music. following are a list of countries which suffers from the highest poverty-alcoholism rate in the world; were high levels of incest is plausible although, may or may not be backed by data. Although the following countries may not be poor due to the extreme wealth of some of their major cities, the gap is evident by the percentage of poor in the country.
    • Republic of Croatia
    • Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Russian Federation (with the exception of Moscow and St. Petersburg)
    • Georgia
    • Poland
    • Slovakia
    • Hungary
    • Czech Republic
    • Bulgaria
    • The Slavic and Balkan Regions particularly
    • ChinaCultural or Witnesses Based Observation (Well known in the Incest Community)High Rates of non-consensual incest as chronicled by some organizations:
  • India | RAHI (Recovering and Healing from Incest) Foundation, Cultural
  • Russia, Romania, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Hungary | Major Consensual Incest Porn Production Industry, Consensual Incest Tourism Destination, Family Sex Trafficking Businesses (non-consensual). There are several porn production companies which run and star in family sex business without its overseas customers being aware. Russia is the largest producer of family porn.
  • Brazil, Columbia | Major Consensual Incest Tourism Destination, Consensual Incest Porn Production Industry, Cultural
  • Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, NetherlandsSwedenFinland | Cultural Incest is high particularly in Japan and Holland. The organization CHRIS in Holland reports one-in-seven people have practiced incest for a prolonged period of time. These places are major destinations for Consensual Incest Tourism.
  • Middle East, Afghanistan, Turkey | In Afghanistan, it is common for boys experience incest or sexual abuse by males with the knowledge of their fathers, up to the age of 13 when the technically become men. It is seen as a rite of passage. Based on the account women and girls, 78% have been exposed to prolonged incestuous contact. Women and children often time are beaten or killed if they would dare complain, in honor killings. They keep silent and at some level engage as something normal because of its cultural pervasiveness. This has also been observed by NGO’s and military personnel. According to Turkish government reports of the documented abuse cases;18% of minors have been documented as victims of sexual abuse in Turkey. Social Services and Child Protection Agency (SHÇEK). Consensual incest is widely accepted to be a very high figure.Permissive Governments and Havens for Consensual Incest
  • Regarding Russia, India, Japan, Belgium, France, Brazil, Portugal, Holland (Netherlands), Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Israel; consensual Incestuous Families have for long, favored these countries as places to meet up with others who practice the same. Brazil, Spain, Holland, and France has become a popular destinations for those who practice incest to move to.