Mother marriage her own son

Mother marriage her own son 

This is a real life story about a 49 year old Texas woman Clara Collins who gave up her son Trent Holmes for adoption and 24 years later the boy turned up at her door-step looking for her real mum in November 2008, it was “love at the first sight” and the pair have been living together as partners.

Lara Collins insists the moment she said “I do” to her husband is the proudest of her life-despite the fact she gave birth to him.

Incredibly, she says there is nothing sick about her relationship with son Trent Holmes, 27, because she gave him up for adoption as a baby and never raised him.

Brazenly, the 49 year old who was reunited with ehr son three years ago and immediately fancied him – even admits their sex life is the “best ever” and says she feels no shame, even though their “marriage” is deemed illegal because of the incest laws.

Clara says: “I know people will be disgusted, but I have a wonderful fulfilling sexual relationship with Trent. I was shocked by my feelings to start with, but I know this can happen between parents and children when they’ve grown up apart. I’ve never been happier – and the sex is mind-blowing!”

Trent adds: “Clara maybe my bological mother, but she never raised me. I even hope that, with help, we can have children.

Horse trainer Clara, from Houstone, Texas, fell pregnant in 1983 aged 22 after one-night-stand. Terrified of being a signle mum, but convince she souldn’t go through with an abortion because she felt it was wrong, she gave her baby up for adoption at birt.

Heartbreakingly, Clara immediately regretted her decision , but it was too late.

For years Clara wrote letter to her son, but never heard a word from him or his adoptive family. She tried to move on, but never settled in a stable relationship or had more kids.

Then, three years ago, in November 2008, Trent, then 24, appaered at her door.

“I saw a tall, dark-haired man standing there. My heart skipped a beat and I knew he was my son. He had my smile and mum’s eyes,” Clara says. “He confirmed who he was and I felt an explosion of joy and hugged him.”

But, incredibly, she faced unexpected emotions. she was hugely attracted to him. She explains: “I couldn’t take my eyes off him – he was gorgeous. One moment I felt he was my son, the next I fanced him. It horrified me.”

The pair taked for hours and Trent revealed how, on his 21st birthday, he was told he’d been adopted and immediately started looking for Clara.

“I kept shaking and bursting into tears,” Clara says. “But the motherly rush I expected wasn’t coming. I felt a terrifying lust. I ran to the bathroom and threw up – I felt disgusted.”

Amazingly, despite her feelings, Clara invited Trent to stay so they could get to know each other better.

“Every day, I fought to feel like a mum – but I could only see Trent as gorgeous man,” she admits. “When I handed him anything and our hands touched I felt sexual tensions – and when he hugged me my whole body quivered.

I lay awake at night wanting to be with him. I was mortified he’d guess how I felt.”

But, astonishingly, Trent felt the same way.

“Ive aways fancied older women and had older grilfriends. I was instantly attracted to Clara,” he admits. “It was so different to how I saw my adoptive mum – I noticed Clara’s sex petitie figure and her boobs. I just wanted to kiss her. It was frightening.”

Consfused, Trent reaserched his feelings online and discovered Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA) – when parents and children who have been separated can feel a sexual attraction when reunited.

Trent says: “It was such a relief to know it was natural. I decided I had to make a move – I knew Clara was the woman for me and it wasn’t wrong after all.”

He cooked her a romantic meal and, after building up courage, leaned in to kiss her.

“I was stunned, but melting all at once,” says Clara. “It was gentle at first and then passionate. It felt so right – but at the sma time so wrong. We kissed for 10 min and then I pulled away, I felt sick.

I kept saying how wrong it was.”

But Trent explained about GSA and Clara began to accept her feelings.

She says: “I never raised Trent, we could have met anywhere and I’d never have known he was my son.
I was suddenly relaxed and shocked myself when I led him to the bedroom and told him I wanted to make love.”

Disturbingly, Clara admits it was the best sex of her life.

She reveals: “We did it twice and both orgasmed. Trent had a wonderful tanned six-pack. Afterwards we cuddled and the guit had gone.”
A week later, Trent told his parents he was moving in with Clara permanently – and six months later he revealed his was his girlfriend.

“They were horrified – I begged them to understand but Mu screamed and Dad threw me out,” he recalls. “Mum said: “We no longer have a son.’ It’s so sad, but I’ve found true love and I can’t give that up for them.”

Clara told four of her friends about her relationship with Thrent and reveals two of them were disgusted and threatened to call the police, though she says the two others were shocked at first but finally told her they wouldn’t judge her.

Last New Year’s Eve, Trent, a telecoms manager, proposed with a £2000 engagement ring and the couple “married” in June.

Clara says: “It couldn’t be an official wedding because of incest laws, but he said he loved me, and I no longer saw him as my son – he’s my partner and love. I really feel we’re man and wife.”

Amazingly, the pair now plan to have kids, despite Clara having started the menopause.

She says; “I’m not ashamed. I’ll do anything to give Trent Kids – we may adopt or use a surrogate.

I want to be the mum to them I wasn’t to him. That feels right.” – Closer

10 thoughts on “Mother marriage her own son

  1. Here is all about feelings…..
    from God to tinniest insect….
    “Feelings to others”, is the universal language….
    here is nothing wrong or right…
    just condition( region,time & circumstances ) makes the decision..
    and dear ” Blessings on”.. your comment speaks itself about your great thought…. “””mom riding her sons cock, & son on moms pussy enjoying”””
    have a open heart & mind….

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